I had very important business clients in town. clients that I needed to impress. We went out fishing with Captian Chris Hoag of Big king Salmon charters and had a Awsome time. the fishing was excellent, we all caught our limit. The boat and fishing equipment was top of the line. Captian Chris Hoag is a world Class fishing guide and I would recommend him and Big King Salmon Charters highly.

Mark Jasper

My brothers and I were in seattle for a wedding and and wanted go fishing while we were in town. We are all avid fisherman and fish all over the world Marlin Sailfish ect. We went fishing with Captian Chris of Big King Salmon Charters. We could not have been more happy with the trip. The fishing was excellent! We all caught our limit of Salmon! The boat was beautiful clean and very seaworthy. The fishing equipment was outstanding. Our Captian Chris Hoag was very knowledgeable and made sure that we all had a great time. I highly recommend Big King Salmon Charters

Kevin Olson

My family was on vacation in seattle and wanted to go fishing. We went fishing with Chris Big King Salmon Charters. the Fishing was Great it was one of the best experiences that we have had on any vacation, and the best thing that we did while visiting Seattle! We highly recommend Captian Chris and Big King Salmon Charters

Jeff Gould

My staff team and i were in Seattle for on a golf tour and had booked a fishing trip some time in advance with Captian Chris Hoag of Big King Salmon Charters. MY girls and I fish all over every where that we can get a fishing trip in we try to do so. We were very pleased and happy with our experience with Big King Salmon Charters. Captian Chris was very professional and took great care of us. He showed us exactly what to do and we all caught fish! The boat was very nice clean comfortable safe and seaworthy. The fishing tackle was top of the line, new and very nice. We will be recommending Captian Chris and Big King Salmon Charters to all of our friends and business clients. I review hotels and vacation destinations for major publications. We really had a great Experience with Big King Salmon Charters

Karen Hays

My Family recently went fishing with Captian Chris of Big King Salmon charters. We fished for Ling Cod. We all caught fish and all had a great time. We Highly recommend Captian Chris Hoag and Big King Salmon Charters. The boat and the charter was a great experience.

Austin Battell, Microsoft

My family and I went fishing with big king salmon charters this last August while we were visiting in Seattle, I would like to take moment to talk about the trip. When we boarded the boat our captian gave us a review of the boat and explained the location of the life vests fire extinguishing and safety equipment. The Boat is very well equipped. it has a nice clean rest room and cabin with seating inside. We felt very safe and comfortable on the boat. My husband and son both caught a Nice Salmon each. My older daughter however caught a salmon that we had to let go. Our captian showed us that the salmon was wild and said that we would have to let it go. This was OK as he explained the rules to us before we booked the trip. Rules are rules although we really wanted to keep that fish. We had a great time fishing with Big King Salmon Charters, our captain was very attentive and experienced. We will be going fishing again next year when we visit again.

Robin Miller

My family and I were recently on vacation in Seattle and wanted to get a fishing trip in. We fish all over the place Mexico Florida Alaska ECT. We booked a Salmon fishing trip with captian Chris Hoag of Big King Salmon charters. The experience was Great, we couldn’t have been happier with the trip. Chris put us right on the King Salmon and we all caught fish and had plenty of action. The boat was clean beautiful and equipped with all the safety gear and a private restroom. The fishing equipment was excellent and some of the best that we have ever fished with. The Boat was recently refitted with new top of the line navigational electronics, so we felt very safe . Chris Hoag is a great fishing Guide and we highly recommend him and Big King Salmon Charters if you want to have a great time fishing in Washington. We will be back sincerely.

Todd Owens

My friends and I recently went fishing with captian Chris Hoag of Big king Salmon charters. This trip was our 3rd fishing trip with Big king salmon charters and we booked well in advance as Captian Chris fills up quickly. This trip was for the winter king salmon and we could not have been happier! Captian Chris got us on the fish and we all caught nice winter kings. The fishing as always was great. The Boat is the nicest fishing boat that we have been on, and the fishing gear is the best. Our Captian Chris Hoag is a great Fishing guide and we recommend Big King Salmon Charters if you want to go fishing and have a World Class experience.

Joel Hayes