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Big King Salmon Charters provides a variety of aquatic experiences!

Big King Salmon Charters provides a variety of world class on the water experiences in the Northwest, Seattle and Puget Sound

Year Round Fishing

Big King Salmon Charters Offer Year-Round Fishing:

January 1st to mid February Bottom Fishing
February 1st to mid April Salmon Fishing! Winter Blackmouth!
April to the end of June Bottom Fishing
July 1st to the end of November SALMON FISHING! Which includes Kings, Coho, Blackmouth, and Humpies!

Fishing seasons, openings and closings change quickly. It’s best to make reservations early!

For current fishing opportunities contact us or visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife At:

Fishing Classes

We offer on the water fishing classes for the novice, and the experienced fisherman.

You Will Gain Experience In:

Salmon and bottomfishing
Downrigger Fishing
Fishing gear selection and rigging
Where to fish
Fish netting
Use of electronics
Fish cleaning and preparation

Bottom Fishing

We focus on Bottom Fishing in the winter and early spring. When Salmon Fishing is out of season and BOTTOM FISHING is at its BEST!

At BIG KING SALMON CHARTERS we drift jig and Motor mooch for bottomfish. We look for structure bottom contours rocks ledges and holes where bottomfish live and feed. We take position where we see underwater structure rocks holes ledges and Fish. Once were there we jig and present our lures and bait to the fish and its FISH ON!

Other Fishing

We also fish for other various types of fish:

Come fish with us and make memories that will last a life time!

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